Veridis is breaking new ground in the environmental infrastructure sector. Our deep commitment to protecting the environment drives us to overcome limitations, and to continue developing technologies that promote responsible environmental behavior. In a world of finite natural resources, we strive to exploit every opportunity to build advanced facilities that enable the reuse of materials. Veridis is the force behind the country’s leading projects for producing recycled raw materials and renewable energy, and for providing clean water for consumers, industry and agriculture.

Waste 360°

By collecting, reusing, reclaiming and recycling waste, Veridis is supplying renewable resources and green energy, enabling companies to get the most out of their inputs while protecting the environment.



Veridis is at the forefront of efforts to ensure a renewable water supply for consumers in Israel, implementing the world’s most advanced solutions for water treatment ‒ including reverse osmosis desalination.



With an emphasis on renewable energy, Veridis is working to build Israel’s next generation of energy production plants. Alongside protecting the environment, Veridis’ solutions also promote economic efficiency.

Soil remediation

Soil Remediation

The innovative solutions for soil and groundwater remediation provided by Veridis enable reliable performance and success in any project, bringing new standards of service and implementation to Israel.

RDF Hirriya, the largest and most advanced MRF facility in the word is now operating.
Watch how we turn waste into a resource.

Veridis is introducing solutions for expanding the use of renewable resources in Israel
Veridis – working today for a better planet tomorrow