OPC Energy

Veridis is a leading developer in the power station field.

From the design phase to operations and maintenance, Veridis undertakes projects that promote economic benefit alongside environmental responsibility. Our employee teams and operational procedures enable meeting performance and safety targets, as well as cost savings.

Veridis is a partner in the OPC Energy and in all it’s activities in the field of production and supply of electricity and energy in Israel.

OPC Energy is the first and leading private electric company in Israel engaged in the initiation, development, construction and operation of power plants.

Among the projects of OPC Energy:

Rotem station – power (MW) 466

Tzomet Station – Power (MW) 396

Hadera station – power (MW) 144

Gat station – power (MW) 75

For more information about OPC Energy https://opc-energy.com/israel/

Through cooperative ventures and financing programs, Veridis is working to build the next generation of energy production centers in Israel

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