OPC Rotem

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Rotem power station

OPC Rotem, which was established in Mishor Rotem and began operating in 2012, is the first large independent power station in Israel.

With a 440 MW capacity, the power station is a clear example of Veridis’ leading technological capabilities.

In a cooperative venture between Israel Corporation (IC) and Veridis, the power station was established with the goal of selling the electricity produced to end users in the national market, helping to supply Israel’s growing electricity  needs .

The electricity is produced through natural gas-powered turbines, while implementing cogeneration technology. To date, this has proven to be the most energy efficient method for operating power stations. The technology utilizes the residual heat emitted by the gas-powered turbines to generate steam. Using the steam, an additional turbine is operated to produce more electricity, without using additional fuel. The result is a significant improvement in the ratio of natural gas consumed to megawatts of electricity produced, up to a natural gas efficiency of 57%.

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Through cooperative ventures and financing programs, Veridis is working to build the next generation of energy production centers in Israel