Environmental Remediation

Veridis deals with environmental consulting, specializing in environmental contamination through a specialist company (formerly Windex) and is considered one of Israel’s leading companies in the field of polluted soil. The company has been in operation for twenty years, and together with the development of environmental regulation in Israel, has served as a pioneer in the provision of environmental services, to support all sectors of the economy.

The company provides consultancy, solutions and laboratory services in four areas:

Contaminated soil and ground water

Thorough land rehabilitation requires advanced knowledge, the ability to implement technology and accumulated experience. Land is a limited resource whose rate of renewal is particularly slow. The construction in Israel that has accelerated over the past decade and the growing demand for real estate have made land reclamation a burning issue, as has the growing awareness of the environmental impact and the strengthening of the regulation in the field. Veridis specializes in providing state of the art solutions and advanced services for the characterization, investigation and rehabilitation of contaminated soil and polluted ground water. The company places at its clients’ disposal a team of knowledgeable and experienced consultants and experts, as well as an operational team with integrated engineering capabilities to overcome any challenge.

Environmental consultancy

Veridis specializes in providing environmental consultancy services, with the emphasis on contaminated, or potentially contaminated sites, and also consultancy on waste management of hazardous substances for clients from all sectors. Veridis’ consultancy teams are comprised of expert professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fields of geology, hydrology, geography, soil and environmental sciences, biotechnology, toxicology and more. We conduct historical surveys, soil surveys, soil gas and ground water surveys, environmental risk surveys (Israel Risk Based Corrective Action – IRBCA), industrial waste surveys and more, based on the most advanced methods and procedures, subject to the criteria and the directives of the Ministry of the Environment and the US EPA. Our team of consultants is committed to our clients in a professional and close manner in order to handle the development and the tightening of the regulation of each client in his field, and with the complexity of the environmental challenges facing them.

Water and sewage infrastructure

Veridis is a company that specializes in testing the quality of the infrastructure for the transportation of water and sewage. In Israel, work is conducted, every year, to lay water and sewage infrastructure, on a scope of billions of Shekels. Those systems, which include infrastructure for the transportation of fluids such as drinking water, sewage, effluents, irrigation water, brine and more, need to be inspected and tested, to detect failures ahead of time, with the objective of preventing economic and environmental damage. Veridis is skilled in the provision of a wide range of tests for water and sewage pipes, by using state of the art, advanced technology, and is a body that is approved and authorized to perform these jobs subject to the Water Authority and the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority.

Refuelling facilities and tanks

Over the years, regulation around gas stations and refuelling facilities has become tighter, on the understanding that gas stations may be a health and environmental hazard, due to the danger of emissions of hazardous substances into the air, and the leakage of fuels and oils into the environment (soil, ground water, rivers, etc.). Veridis Land, even under its previous name, Windex, was a pioneer in the implementation of environmental tests for the quality of infrastructure and systems in the field of gas stations and gas tanks. Veridis specializes in conducting tests, in general, in the field of gas stations in accordance with the professional, regulatory directives, and subject to the guidelines of the Industrial Effluents and Contaminated Soils Division of the Ministry of the Environment, in particular. The company offers its clients a full basket of services for all the refuelling facility tests, from tests for checking the impermeability of tanks (double or single wall) through tests for the impermeability of pipes and up to tests for steam recovery and gas phase tests. As a laboratory accredited to perform tests, Veridis is committed to the highest standards, by the use of precise and high-quality equipment, to ensure reliable service to our clients.

The company complies with the most stringent local and international standards for environmental management and is accredited under ISO 17025, by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority.

For further details, please contact Doron Bachar doron_b@groupve.co.il

For further details and more information on the Veridis soil rehabilitation and management of hazardous substances website, click here.

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