Hazardous Waste

Veridis provides safe hazardous waste management services pursuant to strict legal requirements.

Hazardous waste is a highly regulated market. Alongside effective collection, handling and management of waste, Veridis guarantees its customers complete adherence to any legal requirements, while employing maximum safety procedures.


Veridis operates Ecosol – Israel’s only hazardous waste incineration plant. The facility is especially adapted to handle hazardous materials that cannot be recycled or recovered.

The Ecosol plant in Neot Hovav has been operating since 1997. The facility handles tens of thousands of tons of hazardous industrial organic waste each year. Treatment is done using purpose-built incinerators that reach extremely high temperatures. This is the safest and cleanest way to manage hazardous organic and chemical waste.

Ecosol’s facility meets the highest quality and safety requirements. The plant’s air emissions comply with the relevant European standards – the most stringent in the world.

The safety and quality of handling the hazardous materials are controlled through an advanced computer system, which constantly monitors all of the operational and environmental parameters.

As part of Veridis’ effort to ensure energy savings, some of the thermal energy produced at the facility is recovered to generate steam. The plant then uses the steam in its waste treatment processes. It also sells a portion of the steam to neighboring plants as a source of renewable energy for industrial uses.


For further information, please contact – info@groupve.co.il

Veridis’ advanced facilities provide the safest and cleanest way to manage hazardous organic and chemical waste

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