Safe waste disposal requires advanced knowledge and understanding of the environmental risks.

Veridis specializes in designing, building and managing landfills, using leading technology that ensures their integrity over time. All of our landfills are designed to meet the full range of demands imposed by authorities and legislation. Site maintenance and operation are carried out according to standards exceeding the relevant legal requirements.

Waste Landfilling Services

Non-recyclable and non-reusable waste remnants are sent for burial. We do our utmost to reduce the amount of waste that is buried. Before landfilling, the waste undergoes a complex process of stabilization and volume reduction. Veridis employs advanced methods at landfills for collecting and treating leachates, in order to protect soil and groundwater.

Land reserves for landfilling are managed with care and maintained at high standards, for maximum exploitation.


Waste cells in landfills can be used as natural bioreactors for the spontaneous generation of biogas ‒ an efficient source of renewable energy. Veridis is working to expand the application of landfill biogas technologies in Israel.

Landfill Biogas

We harness natural waste decomposition processes to produce green electricity.

Biogas is produced from the decomposition of organic matter in an anaerobic environment. Biogas contains methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) in varying amounts. As the methane content increases, the quality of the biogas improves and its calorific value rises. Burning the gas releases energy that can be used as electricity, heat or steam. Especially high efficiency is made possible through cogeneration – the combined production of electricity and heat.

Biogas serves as an effective alternative to polluting fossil fuels.

Due to the danger of combustion, and in order to prevent emission of air pollutants, landfills are required to collect the gas produced in the landfill cells. The default procedure preferred by most landfill operators in Israel includes flaring of the gas. This leads to unnecessary environmental pollution and loss of an available energy source.

We see waste as a renewable resource.

Accordingly, Veridis’ landfills are designed to utilize biogas energy. A sophisticated system of wells enables pumping the biogas from the cells. After cleaning and treatment, the biogas is used to produce green electricity. The electricity is then used by the landfill, or sold to the national electricity grid.


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Veridis provides the most advanced waste landfill services while maintaining its commitment to environmental protection and cost reduction

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