Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency minimizes electricity consumption, leading to significant cost savings and reducing the environmental footprint.

Buildings of all kinds consume large amounts of energy on a day-to-day basis. In recent years, a great deal of research and development effort around the world has been invested in making buildings more energy efficient.

Rising energy prices, toughening legislation and increasing awareness among the public and tenants ‒ all contribute to the growing efficiency demands imposed on companies and organizations that operate large buildings.

Expertise in Complex Energy Systems

Hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and modern housing complexes are all becoming increasingly sophisticated, making the effort to minimize energy consumption more challenging.

Top expertise in the energy field is required to reduce consumption levels and optimize energy utilization in an effective way.

Energy Efficiency Services
  • Design, building and operation of smart energy systems
  • Performance of energy surveys, drafting and implementation of efficiency programs
  • Improving the performance of existing energy systems as part of building management and maintenance
  • Improving efficiency of heating systems, cooling systems, hot water supply systems and steam use
Promoting Energy Efficiency Processes

Unique models developed to minimize electricity consumption of buildings position Veridis at the forefront of the energy efficiency field.

The efficiency process begins with an energy survey of a building, compound or organization. Based on the results and on the customer’s needs, Veridis’ experts draft a comprehensive efficiency program. The programs include suggestions for improving construction and systems, for installing monitoring and control devices, and for introducing plans that help tenants limit their energy use.

Veridis offers Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) services, including complete financing for projects pursuant to a multiyear financing agreement, and a commitment to achieving predefined energy efficiency targets.

In the hotel industry, Veridis is the Israeli market leader in providing energy efficiency solutions in a BOT financing model.

For further information, please contact Beni Asraf

Exclusively applying leading technologies, Veridis is introducing energy efficiency processes to the Israeli market

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