Waste Collection

Extensive logistic capabilities provide for effective collection of waste. Veridis’ customers enjoy Israel’s most extensive infrastructure of recovery and recycling centers and landfills. The advantages of our country-wide network are evident in all stages of operation – from the planning of infrastructure to the waste treatment phase.

The scope of Veridis’ logistic base enables an efficient solution for each customer’s special needs.

Collection Solutions
  • Collection of non-hazardous, household, commercial and light industrial waste, as well as green waste
  • Planning and implementing alternative waste collection technologies for household, commercial and building requirements
  • Innovative collection and separation solutions in the environmental field, and management of bottle, paper and cardboard recycling bins
Proven Logistic Capabilities

Veridis provides collection services to more than 50 local authorities across Israel.

The Company operates about 280 waste collection and incorporated compactor trucks, using trained personnel of 700 employees and collection managers. The equipment, vehicles and experienced workforce enable high performance in difficult field conditions, and in dense urban environments. Along with protecting natural resources, Veridis’ employees are committed to the quality and safety of the services they provide.

Our waste collection services promote meeting budget targets, while minimizing the environmental footprint.


For additional details, please contact us according to the area of activity:

Haifa and North: Eran Zohar eran_z@groupve.co.il
Sharon: Yossi Rubin yossi_r@groupve.co.il
Dan Region and Center: Yoram Drukman Yoram_d@groupve.co.il
Be’er Sheva and South: Sigal Solomon sigal_s@GroupVE.co.il

Veridis’ innovative waste collection solutions encourage sorting at source to increase recycling rates and help protect the environment

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