HVAC Installation & Services

Veridis offers professional services for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems country-wide.

Veridis builds complex heating and air-conditioning projects. A wealth of experience and expertise enable the Company’s teams of professionals to provide systems that are predesigned to optimize energy utilization. The result is considerable savings in both building and operating costs. Through comprehensive service agreements, Veridis ensures ongoing maintenance of the systems to enable continued optimization of electricity use and all-round customer support.

Veridis employs a team of nearly 100 technician specialists who serve over 200 customers at 400 sites in Israel, divided into seven geographic regions.

Veridis’ national call center operates 24/7. Our support and maintenance services provide an immediate solution for any malfunction, with a commitment to meet target response times, as contractually defined for each customer.

Scrapping Chillers

Veridis is one of the leading companies involved in energy optimization projects based on scrapping of chillers pursuant to the government initiatives program.

As part of the effort to promote energy efficiency of heating and cooling systems, Veridis is replacing old chiller systems with new and more economical models. Veridis provides customers with close support throughout all phases of the efficiency process vis-à-vis the relevant authorities, and handles tailoring the process to the government’s grant program framework.

Customers and Projects





For further information, please contact Yoav Albas yoav_a@groupve.co.il

Veridis designs and installs advanced air-conditioning systems, and provides leading companies in Israel with 24/7 heating, ventilation and air-conditioning maintenance services

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