Company Profile

The Group was founded in 1993, as part of the activity by Veolia International – the world’s largest environmental services corporation. It is currently marking more than 25years of promoting the environment in Israel.

The Group is considered a pioneer in the environmental services and infrastructure sectors, and has a number of groundbreaking achievements to its credit: establishing and operating the Ashkelon desalination plant and the Efeh landfill, partnership in Israel’s first privately owned power station – OPC Mishor Rotem, managing the Ayalon Wastewater Treatment Plant, and additional large-scale projects.

Veridis provides advanced waste collection services to local authorities, organizations and industry. The Company remains committed to its mission as operator of the broadest logistical infrastructure in Israel for the collection and treatment of all types of waste.

In 2018, Veridis’ activity in Israel was acquired by Delek Automotive Systems. Under the new ownership Veridis intend to continue its growth in the fields of: Sea Water Desalination, Power Generation, Soil Remediation, Waste to energy (power, heat and RDF), Biogas Facilities and more.


Business Activity

Veridis focuses on developing and implementing services and ventures in its core business – waste, water and energy. The Company applies leading technologies and its international project management experience in Israel.

Veridis promotes change initiatives and development processes, while taking into consideration the economic, social and ecological aspects in its work.

We design and supply goal-oriented solutions for all of our customers. These provide economic efficiency, while taking into consideration the environmental impact of each process, in order to improve the quality of life and to protect natural resources.

Our uniqueness lies in creating tools for discovering untapped potential and for optimizing the utilization of assets to increase the profitability of companies, authorities and organizations.

Veridis specializes in environmental solutions in four complementary business sectors:

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Waste Management

Veridis offers solutions and services for managing all phases of waste management: from collection and transportation, through separation, sorting, and recycling, to safe and effective disposal. The company applies advanced technologies to utilize waste in producing recycled raw materials and renewable energies.



Veridis provides environmental solutions in the water sector, and designs and operates desalination plants and wastewater treatment facilities. Among other things, the Company is the force behind building and operating the Ashkelon Desalination Plant, as well as complex water systems and sewage plants for industry and local authorities.



Veridis develops and operates power stations and energy facilities based on renewable energies ‒ biomass, cogeneration, biogas, etc. – and specializes in designing and operating energy centers and in leading energy efficiency projects. The Company provides installation and comprehensive maintenance services for large-scale heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.


Contaminated Soil

Veridis applies international know-how and experience in remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. The solutions include advanced technologies for treating organic and inorganic contaminants, planning and managing complex projects and applying ex-situ/on-site procedures, depending on varying field conditions.

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Our surroundings and living conditions are rapidly changing. At Veridis we recognize these changes and work to provide world-class solutions,  advancing  the field of environmental infrastructure in Israel. We view the development of groundbreaking technologies as essential not only for economic success, but also for protecting our planet. For us, the environmental challenges in Israel are an invitation to make an impact, and determine today what our world will look like tomorrow.

Ariel Kappon

In his previous position, Ariel served as CEO of Policity Group, which is held by Shikun & Binui and G4S, and operates the Israel Police Academy. In an earlier capacity, Ariel served as director general of the Tel Aviv Municipality, where he led the city to impressive achievements in various infrastructure projects. In addition, he served as CEO of a number of companies, including Africa Israel Hotels and Hanan Mor Real Estate’s development company. Mr. Kappon is a colonel in the Israel Air Force reserve.

Ariel Kapon
Ilan Ben-Simon
Chief Operating and Business Development Officer 

Ilan joined the company in 2004, and has served the Company in a number of senior positions, including as CEO of Ecosol. Since 2011, Ilan served as the Group’s chief financial officer and during 2018 Ilan started to serve as chief operating and business development officer. Among his previous positions, he served as controller of a leading real estate and infrastructure company, and as an accountant in the firm of Brightman Almagor (presently Deloitte Israel).

Ilan Ben Simon
Eran Sapir
General Manager, Environmental Services Division

Eran began his career at the company in 2003, as legal adviser of the Environment Division, later moving over to manage the Company’s general legal department. Since 2010, Eran has served as vice president and as general manager of the activity of Veridis’ Waste Management Division. Previously, he served as an attorney in the firm of S. Horowitz & Co.

Eran Sapir
Shmulik Shai
General Manager, Water and Energy Division

Shmulik joined the company in 2016. In his previous positions he managed the Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza Hotel chain in Israel, alongside his role as Israel Region CEO of the Africa Israel Hotels chain. In his most recent position, Shmulik was CEO of H2ID – the desalination plant in Hadera.

Shmulik Shay
Benny Bar On
Chief Financial Officer

Benny joined the company in 2018. Among his previous positions, Benny was a senior audit manager at Ernst & Young firm. In his most recent position, Benny served as the director of accounting and finance department at Champion Motors.

Benny Bar On
Avi Elkayam
Chief Information Technology and Administration Officer

Avi joined the company in 2017, and served the Company as IT manager. Since 2018, Avi has served as the Group’s chief information technology and administration Officer. Among his previous positions, he served as IT director in numerous large organizations.

Avi Elkayam