Water Treatment Plants

Veridis is committed to developing effective solutions for wastewater treatment and recycling.

In response to the challenges presented by the water economy, Israel has become a world power in all aspects of treating wastewater and adapting it for reuse in industry and agriculture. Veridis is part of this success. Through establishing strategic partnerships and forging teams of specialists who are leaders in their field, Veridis is working in Israel to implement world-class, advanced solutions in the wastewater treatment field.

Veridis provides local authorities with solutions for all phases of water recycling – from supply to treatment to purification for reuse. Over the years, Veridis has established capabilities for developing advanced treatment systems, uniquely tailored for each customer’s special needs.

Solutions for Varying Conditions
  • Designing systems incorporating groundbreaking technologies
  • Building systems that meet leading international standards
  • Managing and optimizing water system and wastewater treatment performance
  • Training skilled personnel and establishing teams of specialists for specific tasks

For further information, please contact – info@groupve.co.il

Veridis specializes in providing water and wastewater treatment services to municipal authorities and industrial concerns, implementing in Israel the world’s most advanced solutions