Environmental Remediation

Effective soil remediation requires advanced know-how, cutting edge technologies and a wealth of experience.
Soil is a finite resource with an especially slow renewal rate. Accelerated construction in Israel over the past decade, and the growing demand for real estate have made soil remediation an increasingly important topic. However, most of the remediation work done so far in Israel has been based on outdated methods, including excavation and transportation of soil to landfills.

Reliable Performance

Veridis’ advanced know-how and special-purpose equipment enable reliable performance and success in projects of differing scale and complexity. Its highly experienced field teams are proficient in dealing with a wide range of soil contaminants and in contending with difficult field conditions.

Veridis is promoting international standards of service and performance, alongside an uncompromising commitment to protecting the environment.

Range of Remediation Technologies

Veridis views contaminated soil treatment as a synergetic complement to the Company’s range of business activities. We specialize in implementing a broad range of remediation technologies. Where direct access to the soil is complicated, but treating the contamination at the site is preferable, we apply in-situ solutions. In projects where it is possible and economically feasible to conduct treatment in the polluted site area, in order to reclaim the soil for reuse without off-site removal, on-site methods are used. In projects necessitating the removal of soil from the pollution’s focal points for off-site treatment, ex-situ technologies are employed.

Solutions for Treating Organic Contaminants
  • Biological treatment
  • Thermal Desorption and off-gas treatment
  • Underground ventilation treatment, including implementation of SVE, air sparging, SVTE and bioventing techniques.
Solutions for Treating Inorganic Contaminants
  • Soil washing (for large grain size)
  • Stabilization and solidification (for fine grain size)
  • Sorting and screening, to reduce treatment costs
  • Employing physical-chemical processes, alongside the hazardous waste activity
Solutions for Treating Pyrotechnical Contaminants (Explosives)
  • Combined ex-situ/in-situ biological treatment
Solutions for Treating Groundwater Pollution
  • Pump & Treat
  • Chemical Oxidation/Reduction
  • Stripping
  • Ion Exchange
  • Reactors
  • Confinement

For further information, please contact Doron Bechar  doron_b@groupve.co.il

Veridis’ innovative soil remediation solutions are the most advanced in the local market, and are introducing groundbreaking international methods to Israel