Biomass is a cheap, natural source for producing renewable energy.
Biomass includes organic waste components that can be biologically decomposed. Food industry products, agricultural waste, as well as the organic material in household and commercial waste – can all serve as a renewable resource to produce green energy.

Wood Biomass

Veridis’ biomass plants utilize about 60,000 tons of green waste annually to produce steam, and provide an overall capacity exceeding 30 tons of steam per hour.

Wood is an excellent source of renewable energy. Burning wood releases into the air an amount of CO2 similar to that consumed by the tree while it grows. Wood’s carbon emissions ratio is therefore considered neutral, making the burning of tree waste an environmentally friendly procedure.

As part of Veridis’ effort to provide green energy to its customers, technology was developed to utilize tree cuttings and plant waste to produce thermal energy.

Cooperation with Veridis’ Waste Division enables collection of municipal green waste from dozens of local councils and cities. The trimmings are shredded and treated to streamline transport and adapt them for the designated facilities, which are based on cogeneration and the use of boilers. The technology serves food industry plants in various production processes. The plants meet strict requirements for reducing polluting emissions into the air, and are monitored 24/7 in coordination with the relevant authorities.


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Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion

Veridis offers cogeneration solutions for combined production of electricity and heat using biogas, with a commitment to neutral carbon emissions.

Biogas is a byproduct of the decomposition of natural organic matter. At anaerobic digestion plants, decomposition of organic waste occurs, including wastewater sludge, livestock manure, food waste, etc. Decomposition takes place in a controlled process and in optimal conditions in a low oxygen environment. After basic treatment, the gas produced is suitable for direct use in energy production processes.

There are numerus benefits to using biogas: while its efficiency is equal to that of more polluting fuels, the carbon emissions of biogas are considered to be neutral. In addition, using the biogas prevents its release into the atmosphere as a harmful pollutant.

Currently, Veridis is promoting an innovative project to build a power station for producing green energy from biogas, at the Ayalon Wastewater Treatment Plant.


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In Israel, Veridis is leading the initiative to utilize biomass from green waste in energy production